The Power and Promise of SoulScaping

  • Change your perception

    By using Louis' artwork in this guided way, you get to see through the eyes of an artist. You'll perceive more in the world around you

  • Re-Energise

    By using your imagination, you'll release energy in ways you have never before experienced

  • Build Mental Resilience

    Get rooted into the fabric of your being, so you can face the pressures of life head on.

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    SoulScaping - Creating The Future
    • SoulScaping - Creating The Future
    • The Flight Of Icarus
    • Creating The Future: Guided Imaginal Practise
    • NUTURE: Creating The Future : Guided Imaginal Practise
    • Creating The Future Imaginal Practise - Audio
  • 3
    SoulScaping - Generating Presence
    • SoulScaping - Generating Presence
    • Caught In The Flow Of Grace
    • NURTURE: Generating Presence : Guided Imaginal Practise
    • Guided Imaginal Practise - Generating Presence - Audio

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Journey to the centre of your Soul.

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