Course curriculum

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    The SoulScaping Imaginal Practise

An Art Lead Practise

That will light you up, every day

  • Profoundly Simple and Practical

    The most profound and important things are the hardest to put into practise. This step by step practical process has been carefully crafted so you can do it practically anywhere. With practise, you can do this in one minute or three breaths. ANYONE can make time for that!

  • Reclaim your Imagination

    Your imagination is the most beautiful and precious thing you own. What do you do to nurture it? In this practise you use the power of your imagination to find fresh inspiration and explore your authentic self image.

  • Develop Mental Poise

    Understand and experience the power off your attention. In the midst of a world that uses the power of image to get you to buy, or believe a message, turn this power on YOU.

  • Using Your Breath To Recharge

    Developing a simple breath practise Finding mental clarity clears the blocks in your system for you to re-energise, and find fresh vitality.

  • Three Artworks To Download

    You can use these artworks on your digital devices to make them look AWESOME! This also means you can do this practise anywhere.